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Focused attention for students

Classes conducted in school are usually fast-paced with no personalized attention to assist students. Having an experienced one-to-one tutor recommended by direcTuition will give you the assurance that they will focus entirely on your child, identify the issues and offer effective personalized remedies.
direcTuition tutors will be able to provide detailed productive feedback and also impart good learning techniques that can help your child to continuously learn and grow.

Why choose DirecTuition

In direcTuition, we provide an online platform for tutors and students to connect and be matched through the help of our dedicated education specialists. As such, we make your tutor searching journey quick and hassle-free.
Find available and suitable tutors for Primary, Secondary or JC major subjects.
Enquire now and let us do all the work to match you with a suitable tutor.


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