For Parents and Students

Getting a Tutor

Why do tutors charge different prices?

direcTuition does not dictate tuition rates. Each tutor sets their own prices depending on their qualifications, experience, and other factors such as student’s level, location, timing etc.

However, when arranging the tuition for you, our experienced education specialists will ensure that the rates are fair and within market rates. We also conduct negotiations when required to try to reduce lessons fees in order to fit within your budget when necessary.

You may view the latest tuition rates here.

Do I have to pay any commission fees?

Our services are free-of-charge for parents and students. You are only required to pay for lessons conducted. A portion of the total lesson fees usually in the first four weeks of lessons will be allocated to direcTuition as the agency commission. This is deducted directly from the tutor’s fees, so you do not pay anything extra.

To facilitate the process for us to collect the agency fees, you are required to cooperate with us by transferring the allocated agency commission (usually 50% of the 1st month fees) to direcTuition. Thereafter, you will pay the remaining lessons to the tutor directly. Our education specialists will inform you of the full payment details and instructions upon lesson confirmation.

How do I pay for lessons?

In general, the agency commission charged to the tutor is 50% of the total lessons during the first month. Payment of the agency commission will be made directly to direcTuition after the completion of a certain number of lessons whereby the lesson fees equal or exceed the agency commission amount. After you paid the agency commission, you may pay the tutor directly for subsequent lessons in any method preferred by both parties.

Our services are completely free but by paying directly to us, you are merely helping us to facilitate the collection process of the agency commission from the tutor. There are no additional / hidden fees you need to pay other than the mentioned lesson rates.

We accept PayNow via UEN number. Our education specialist will inform you of the full payment details once you are ready to proceed with the tutor recommendation.

Example: You hired a JC Tutor for $85/lesson at 1 lesson per week. The agency commission is $170 (equivalent to 2 lessons). After JC Tutor has conducted two lessons, you will need to pay direcTuition $170. Then, from the 3rd lesson onwards, you can pay to the Tutor directly. You can setup a new payment arrangement between the tutor separately after the commission has been paid.

Is advance payment needed?

You do not have to make advance payments of any kind. All payments are made only after the requisite lessons have been conducted.

What if I want to cancel after my first lesson?

If the parent/student wants to cancel but had already attended 1 lesson, direcTuition will need to collect the tuition fee for 1 lesson and pay the tutor 50% of the fees. 50% will serve as direcTuition’s agency fee.

Are there any binding contracts?

There are no contracts and obligations until you agree to engage our tutors. When any assignment is confirmed, there are guidelines to follow to ensure that both the student and tutor can have a smooth and rewarding experience.