The Advantage of 1 to 1 Private Tuition

Private tuition is advantageous for diverse age groups and educational backgrounds. 

Does any of the below apply to you?

Students of All Levels:

From primary to college, private tuition aids struggling students, betters the average student, and helps high-achievers do better.

Those Taking Upcoming Tests

Prelims, Promos, A-Levels, O-Levels, PSLE? These are crucial examinations that need extra attention. SATs, ACTs, GRE, GMAT, or other exams also benefit from personalized strategies and focused practice.

Those With Learning Difficulties

Attention and techniques by private tutors can help aid those with dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties that are hard to address in a group setting. 1 to 1 private tuition help in surmounting challenges and unlocking potential.

Those Learning a Language 

When learning a language, the pace of a class slows down individual progress, and hence language learning is best done in a 1 to 1 private setting. Personalized language tuition hones the individual’s abilities, and helps them gain newfound confidence faster, whether it is in speaking, writing, reading, or comprehension skills.

Those Who Need Subject Support

Falling behind in class? Pace of classes can be too fast and that is where 1 to 1 private tuition excels. Targeted help for students in challenging subjects is the fastest way to improve comprehension and performance.

Those Who Require Homework Assistance

Motivation and guidance through a private 1 to 1 tutor does wonders for those who lack the push to complete their homework assignments. Our tutors help clarify concepts, ensuring comprehensive understanding of assignments.

Those Who are Gifted Students

The pace of class might be too slow and easy for some students, who need challenge to reach their full potential. 1 to 1 private tutors help to guide and craft advanced material, which challenges gifted students and helps keep them engaged in their studies.

Those Who Need Confidence Building

By addressing weak areas in subjects and topics, 1 to 1 private tutors foster confidence and builds self-assurance for students.

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